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Jiaxing Zhongdian New Energy Co., Ltd.

All-in-one solar street lights, semi-integrated solar street lights, LED street lights, LED flood lights

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    Building 28, No.522 Yatai Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Jiaxing Zhongdian New Energy Co., Ltd. (ZDEG) specializes in solar street lighting systems designed specifically for outdoor off-grid applications where electricity from the grid is not available or other lighting infrastructure is very unreliable. As a manufacturer of high-quality, specification grade LED fixtures, ZDEG has a unique blend of advantages to provide economical solutions that meet the most stringent of sustainable lighting standards today. The company's commitment to driving superior value to its customers and partners on a consistent basis is unparalleled. Versatile, robust and efficient, ZDEG's LED lighting solutions are backed up by its continuous innovation in delivering cutting-edge lighting technologies to fulfill the demanding needs of outdoor lighting applications.

Whether to reap the benefits of renewable energy or simply create visibility, enhance security and improve safety for locations for where utility power is unavailable, ZDEG has the future-proof solutions that help you transform the power of the sun into sustainable, affordable and reliable off-grid lighting solutions. Semi-integrated solar street lights and all-in-one self-contained solar street lights operate independent of the electric grid, without requiring timely and costly overhead or underground electrical wiring. Together with maintenance-free operation, these highly reliable solar lighting systems allow for deployment flexibility in remote areas. The company's flagship products, integrated solar LED street lights, feature visually appealing design, robust construction, unequalled performance and advanced intelligence, ideal for applications such as perimeter lighting, pathway lighting, driveways or areas wherever high-quality lighting, hassle free installation and smart lighting control are required.

As a value added manufacturer in the global lighting supply chain, ZDEG's uncompromising emphasis on innovative design, superior engineering and quality manufacturing allows the company to offer turnkey lighting solutions from the foundation up for the most critical applications while leveraging a unique combination of industry experience and application expertise.
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